Board Game Geek’s 2016 2 Player Print and Play Game of the Year!


Cards. Dice. Strategy.

Scathe is a 2-player tactical card battling game that recalls the turn based tactical RPG video games we loved growing up. Players build their parties of 3 to 6 heroes from a selection of 26 unique character classes. They then take turns rolling special dice that determine which of their heroes’ 6 abilities they can use, and strategize powerful combinations to outplay their opponent and take down the opposing team of heroes.

How to Play

1. Draft your heroes

Each player takes turn selecting a hero until they have spent 12 hero points. Scathe has 26 unique heroes which gives you 20,000+ team compositions 

2. Set the battlefield

Strategically arrange your heroes into front and back rows. Place your hero health tokens on the board and get ready for the battle 

3. Roll and attack

 Roll your custom D12 dice then select a hero
 ability to either attack your opponent or
buff or health your own heroes. 

4.Eliminate the enemy!

 You and your opponent continue to take turns rolling your custom dice, attacking, buffing and healing until one player no longer has any
heroes remaining on the battlefield.  

Game Facts

26 Heroes

20k Team Combinations

130 Unique Abilities

Scathe Intro

The Team


Jesse West


Brenden Sewell


Jared Beauchamp


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